Irrigation Start Up Gone Wrong!


In those cold and long days of winter,  the spring season can’t seem to come soon enough.  Winter has finally melted away and your irrigation system may be ready to start up, or is it?

So you made the decision that today is the day and your ready to start up your irrigation system.  You skim through manual and you are ready to go. You open the supply valve and  turn the timer knob and walk out of the garage to inspect the yard.

Pssssh, pssh, pssssssssh and a geyser erupts in the middle of your yard.  You opened up Old Faithful in your own front yard. Your kids may be laughing , but it the damage is no laughing matter.  The surge in pressure burst the pipe fittings and a few of the sprinkler heads just crashed landed from their rocket voyage.

What happened? How much damage did you cost?

Call Carmel Landscaper to properly start-up and maintain your home’s landscape irrigation.