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From busy homeowners to Do-It-Yourselfers, we can help  get your backyard in shape for the spring and summer fun.

  • Preferred Program
  • $131.60
  • Each Month for 10 Months
  • 30QTY – Lawn Cuttings (up to a half acre lot)
  • 30QTY – Blowing Off Patios/Decks
  • 2QTY – Lawn Fertilization Services {Spring & Fall)
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  • Platinum Program
  • $327.00
  • Each Month for 10 months
  • 32QTY – Lawn Cuttings (up to a half acre lot)
  • 32QTY – Lawn Edging
  • 32QTY – Blowing Off Patios/Decks
  • 6QTY – Lawn Fertilization Services (Spring & Fall)
  • 8QTY – Yard of Dyed Mulch Installed
  • 96SF – Flowers Installed
  • 32QTY – Mulch Bed Weed Control Services
  • 1QTY – Spring Clean up
  • 2QTY – Fall Clean-ups
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Hassle-Free Landscape Maintenance Program

lawn-care-lawn-mowing-carmel-landscaper-fishers-fertilization-noblesville-carmelLawn Mowing

Cutting your lawn on a regular basis help promote a healthy lawn. Our mowers are well maintained to make sure we’re cutting the blade leaf and not tearing it.

hardsurface-blowing-carmel-fishers-indianapolis-fortville-giest-noblesvilleBlowing off Patios/Decks

Removing all grass clippings and debris from patios and hard surface is the finishing touch to any lawn work.

lawn-edging-lawn-mowing-carmel-fishers-indianapolis-fortville-giest-noblesvilleLawn Edging

Provide a smooth barrier between the turf and sidewalk. By using a mechanical edger vs a string trimmer you will get a straight edge and not harm the grass.



Proper lawn fertilization practices produce a dense, medium- to dark-green turf that resists pests and environmental stresses. Improve poor-quality turfgrass and  maintain good-quality turfgrass.

wedd-control-mulch-bed-care-landscape-mulching-carmel-fishers-indianapolis-fortville-giest-noblesvilleMulch Installation

Applying mulch at the right time and depth are key to healthy plants. Landscape mulching produces three (3 ) functions: reduces soil water loss; suppresses weed growth; protects against temperature extremes.

flower-installation-spring-summer-fall-careml-fishers-indianapokis-fortville-mccordsvilleFlower Installation

Accent your home with color and fragrance of annual and perennial flowers.  Promoting a healthy flower beds, pots, and urns, begins with preparing the soil and selecting a flower species that will thrive in desired planting area.

spring-clean-up-prunning-plants-landscaping-carmel-fishers-indianapolis-fortville-mccordsvilleSpring Clean-up

While removing leaves and debris that has collected over the winter. Carmel Landscaper also prunes the trees, Shrubs and all the perennials to promote new growth.

fall-clean-fall-leaf-removal-carmel-fishers-noblesville-fortville-mccrodsville-giestFall Clean-up

Removing all leaves and debris from turf & beds areas can prevent smothering the grass over the winter months. Leaves left on lawn over the winter cause damage to turf in the spring & creates a habitat for critters (voles, mice).

mulch-bed-cut-landscape-mulching-carmel-fishers-indianapolis-fortville-giest-noblesvilleMulch Bed Weed Control

Aids in the removal of weeds and undesirable plant life. Adds to the beauty of your landscape. Allows plants to grow and keep there natural shape