Lawn Mowing Services

lawn-care-lawn-mowing-carmel-landscaper-fishers-fertilization-noblesville-carmelCutting your lawn on a regular basis help promote a healthy lawn. Our mowers are well maintained to make sure we’re cutting the leaf blade  and not tearing it. We mow in different direction weekly and so that the grass is not laying down and not creating compacted ruts. We utilize the proper equipment for the appropriate needs of your property.  Carmel Landscaper push mows in areas that require a smaller mower. Other companies may save time by edging with a string trimmer, which over time, creates no defined edges and burnt grass edges and potential area for weeds to germinate.  A mechanical edger is utilized to insure that the defined trench between the grass and hard surfaces. We String trim grass around permanent structures. Carmel Landscaper blows off all hard surfaces: driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, etc. Weekly bed maintenance to include. Pruning and weed removal.

The University of Purdue Horticulture Extension’s states that 3”-3-½” is  the best type of height for kentucky bluegrass and Tall Fescue. Lawn mowing heights of grass at 3-½” create a vigorous turfgrass which is also a key component to keep dandelions and clover subdued.

Communication about site conditions. And also if the schedule changes which it will.