Spring Mulching – DIY, Delivered, or Installation


Most of the snow has melted, which means spring is just around the corner. Soon you will be able to enjoy a coffee on the patio in morning, kids playing in yard in the afternoon, and my favorite, grilled cheese burgers for dinner. Backyards and patios bring many enjoyable memories. Carmel Landscaper can help you with get your backyard in shape for the spring and summer.

From Do-it-Yourselfers to busy homeowners, Carmel Landscaper has an option for your home’s Landscape.

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Spring Time Services Benefits

1. Mulch cut-out
Helps keep mulch in beds. Also make a define between mulch and turf.

2. Mulching
It protects trees and shrubs from String trimmers and lawn mowers. Helps prevent the emergents of weeds. Adds to the Beaty of your landscape.

3. Mulch pre-emergent
Bed pre-emergents help control the population of weeds and undesirable plant life.

4. Spring lawn care (all rounds for future)
Turf pre-emergent helps control Crabgrass and other undesirable weeds in your lawn. The adding of fertilizer in the Spring help the turf start growing and add dark green color.

5. Lawn mowing
Cutting your lawn on a regular basis help promote a healthy lawn. You should make sure your mower is well maintained to make sure your cutting the blade leaf and not tearing it.

6. Plant moving
Moving or separating plants can help promote new growth and a healthier plant. Sometimes beds get to full and plants need to be moved to help Create a more flowing beds.

7. Mulch bed weed control
Aids in the removal of weeds and undesirable plant life. Adds to the beauty of your landscape. Allows plants to grow and keep there natural shape.