Irrigation Start Up Gone Wrong!


In those cold and long days of winter,  the spring season can’t seem to come soon enough.  Winter has finally melted away and your irrigation system may be ready to start up, or is it?

So you made the decision that today is the day and your ready to start up your irrigation system.  You skim through manual and you are ready to go. You open the supply valve and  turn the timer knob and walk out of the garage to inspect the yard.

Pssssh, pssh, pssssssssh and a geyser erupts in the middle of your yard.  You opened up Old Faithful in your own front yard. Your kids may be laughing , but it the damage is no laughing matter.  The surge in pressure burst the pipe fittings and a few of the sprinkler heads just crashed landed from their rocket voyage.

What happened? How much damage did you cost?

Call Carmel Landscaper to properly start-up and maintain your home’s landscape irrigation.

Landscapers can improve your…

Carmel landscaper can handle the maintenance and design for your home’s landscape.   Carmel landscaper blends soft and hard aspects of your landscaping together.  Typically new home construction builders include landscape installation as part of their contract.  Some homeowners require the landscape beauty and fragrance of additional plants and trees on their home’s property. A landscape project can be a big commitment of both time and money.  The overall appearance of the landscape plays a significant role in making your home more attractive  and  functional.  Landscaping  is an art of purposefully changing the natural features that exist in an outdoor environment.
Most landscapers projects require the attention of someone who is trained to develop designs.  Landscape designs must take in consideration certain style homes and plant materials that may work best with the location of a house and yard.  Performing a survey on your yard to determine the amount of space, soil quality, amount of sun and shade.  When it comes time to designing a garden or a flower bed, this information is vital to the creation of sophisticated drainage and irrigation systems.  Adequate sun, water, and soil nutrients are the life blood of a thriving landscape environment. Contact Carmel Landscaper to learn more about improving your home’s landscape environment.

Fall Clean Up for the Spring?


Can you believe it, Thanksgiving is right around the corner?  Kids are back in school, football has kicked off, and your landscape begins to transition into a cornucopia of color.  The fall season also means we are close to winter, and you need to start thinking about preparing your landscaping for spring.

The maintenance and protection of your landscape plants is key during the harsh winter months.  Fallen leaves and tree limbs left on the grass may create dead turf in the spring.  Some perennials and ornamental grasses may need to be pruned and protected.  Carmel Landscaper evaluates your unique landscape environment to create a custom approach for your fall cleanup and leaf removal services.

Let Carmel Landscaper take care of all your fall landscape maintenance needs  call 317-708-3405 or sign up here

Landscape Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation for your Landscape plant beds

Did you know that landscape mulch has much more benefits than looking great?

Most homeowners spend thousands of dollars investing in plants for their property.  Mulch can help protect your landscape invest by promoting a favorable environment for the landscape plant to thrive.   Landscape mulch  is spread on top of the soil as layer of protection.   The mulch material  can be both organic and inorganic, ranging from grass clipping, stones, bark clipping, etc.

Landscape Mulch Installation Benefits Include:

  • Protects the soil from erosion
  • Reduces compaction from the impact of heavy rains
  • Conserves moisture, reducing the need for frequent waterings
  • Maintains a more even soil temperature
  • Prevents weed growth
  • Keeps fruits and vegetables clean
  • Keeps feet clean, allowing access to garden even when damp
  • Provides a “finished” look to the garden

Carmel Landscaper would like the invitation to help protect your landscape invest with our landscape mulch installation services.